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Frequently Asked Questions


FetchMe is an online ordering, takeout, delivery, and marketing company dedicated to supporting local area restaurants, breweries, package stores, distilleries, their customers, and the communities at large

The FetchMe restaurant and alcohol platforms work as a restaurant fool and alcohol ordering app as well as a mobile web app for food delivery and takeout as well as alcohol delivery for certain locations. Online orders for food from local restaurants can be made at Online orders for alcoholic beverages can be made at

Customers routinely rave about the service quality of our drivers.  We work to provide local restaurants with online and mobile ordering capabilities within their restaurant’s website to enable customers to order food for delivery as well as takeout services. 

Our marketing ecosystem works to drive in-store and online traffic to your restaurant which helps strengthen your brand’s overall market presence outside of the FetchMe platform alone.

FetchMe has a high customer retainage rate.  FetchMe provides several channels for customers to order.  Separate from enabling customers to order on the FetchMe platform and our restaurant partner’s website, we also integrate Google Food Ordering with your restaurant’s Google My Business page. This ensures that customers will have multiple avenues to place an online order which increases takeout and delivery sales overall.


Our partners can also benefit from our suite of marketing services such as local ads, emails, social media ads, and more. Our marketing strategy is designed to drive a significant increase in traffic to your business, increase order volume/frequency, and reach new customers.

We offer a delivery and takeout order system integration for customers to order from your restaurant via the FetchMe platform or your restaurant’s website directly.  

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Of course.  Many of our partners work with FetchMe to provide additional capacity and flexibility given the current labor environment. 

Partners can also benefit from order integrations with Google Food Ordering as well as marketing services.


FetchMe offers a variety of pricing plans based on the services offered. Clients can choose from silver, gold, or platinum packages and also add on a variety of other marketing services on an a la carte basis. 

Schedule a call here and see which plan is best for you.

Yes.  For more information, schedule a meeting by clicking here.

FetchMe will cover all chargebacks for our partners to ensure the best experience for our partners.


Start by scheduling a meeting by clicking here. 

We will first discuss your business goals and objectives to create a customized action plan that is right for you. Then, FetchMe will provide an offer for you to accept to start our seamless onboarding process.

When all your information is submitted to our client dashboard, your website and ordering system will be ready for your review and launch within two weeks.

We have a variety of methods to connect with your restaurant.  We can provide a tablet or connect to your POS.

All of our agreements provide for a risk-free trial period of 30 days.


FetchMe has one of the highest customer retainage rates for delivery.  FetchMe provides several channels for customers to order.  Customers routinely rave about the service quality of our drivers.  Ask your FetchMe representative to provide sample raves from our customers.  

Although delivery is not required, one of the top benefits of offering online delivery is the ability to reach customers looking for convenience on your restaurant’s or FetchMe’s website. 70% of customers prefer ordering delivery from their favorite restaurant’s website. This is highly recommended to help fuel the growth of your business and brand in the local community.

FetchMe hires drivers every day through a rigorous screening process.  All drivers must pass a background check and training prior to making their first delivery.

FetchMe provides either online or in-class training to all of our drivers.  The training covers FetchMe standards for delivery to customers and engagement with restaurant employees.

The relationship between the restaurant and our Fetchers is of utmost importance. We work closely with each restaurant establishment and educate our drivers on the fundamentals of a successful pick-up and delivery. 

Things that are monumental to a successful order include proper communication with the customer, restaurant, and driver when we are doing a delivery. Our drivers are trained not just in how to make a successful delivery, but how to have a successful interaction with both the restaurant and the customer.